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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Positive Thoughts

 1) ‘Dreams are not what you see in your sleep. Dreams

That's what keeps you awake. '

2) ‘To be as bright as the sun first

You have to burn like the sun. '

3) ‘If you salute your work, look

You don't have to salute anyone else. But

If you disrespect your work, disrespect

Do it, cheat, then salute you all

It has to be done. '

4) ‘Those who cannot work with the heart; Them

Achieving heartless, uninspired success all around

It causes bitterness. '

5) ‘Say these five lines every morning:

- I'm the best.

- I can.

- The Creator is with me all the time.

- I won.

- Today is my day. ’

6) ‘The courage to think and innovate differently

There must be, walking in unfamiliar paths and impossible things

Must have the courage to discover and conquer problems

Must be successful. By all these great virtues

Young people need to be driven. This to the younger generation

My message. '

6) ‘Life is a difficult game. As a person

Only by upholding fundamental rights

You can win there. '

6) ‘Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole

The universe is friendly to us. Those dreams

Only those who see and act are the best

This world is conspiring to give. '

9) ‘Excellence is an ongoing process and it is

It's not an accident. "

10) ‘If a country is free from corruption and beautiful

The mind is to be a race of people, then I firmly

I believe in this case there are three social members

Can make a difference. They are father, mother

And the teacher. '

11) ‘Never want to avoid the problem.

Rather, when there is a problem, face it

Will stand Remember, in problem-free success

There is no joy. All problems are solved

12) ‘There are basically four important things with life experience

I focus on the subject

I do. They are: setting goals for life,

Gaining knowledge is a big problem

Do not deviate from the goal and no

Both success and failure at work are due to leadership

I can handle it. '

13) ‘From now on, the country is in the forefront of everything

Keep it. If you have a dream, own it

You will also see the country, if you have any thoughts

Will take the country and engage in any work

Will do for the country. '

14) ‘I will never let the problem sit on me

No. No matter how difficult the time, never

I will not give up. '

15) ‘How much to fulfill your dream without getting frustrated

You can move closer, that way

Keep an eye out. Never lose courage. Own

So as not to waste a single day,

He should try. '

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